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Naomi Allen

Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Jane Armitage

Professor of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology, and Honorary Consultant in ...

Matthew Arnold

Senior Statistician

Colin Baigent

Professor of Epidemiology and Director, MRC PHRU

Derrick Bennett

Senior Statistician

Valerie Beral

Professor of Epidemiology and Co-Director, CEU

Lisa Blackwell

Senior Statistical Programmer

Louise Bowman

Professor of Medicine & Clinical Trials, and Honorary Consultant Physician ...

Rosie Bradley

Medical Statistician

Jeremy Braybrooke

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Georgina Buck

Medical Statistician, CTSU

Richard Bulbulia

Research Fellow, Clinical Trial Service Unit, University of Oxford

Yiping Chen

MRC Study Coordinator and Senior Investigator Scientist

Zhengming Chen

Professor of Epidemiology and Director of China Programmes

Sarah Clark

Research Fellow

Robert Clarke

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine

Rory Collins

Head of Nuffield Department of Population Health and BHF Professor of Medicine ...

Sarah Darby

Professor of Medical Statistics

Kelly Davies

Researcher, Vascular Overviews Group

Lucy Davies

Medical Statistician

David Dodwell

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Huaidong Du

Senior Research Fellow

Jonathan Emberson

Associate Professor, Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

Louisa Gnatiuc

Senior Epidemiologist

Richard Gray

Professor of Medical Statistics

Heather Halls

Researcher, Vascular Overviews Group

Charlie Harper

MRC PHRU Medical Statistician

Richard Haynes

Associate Professor

Will Herrington

MRC-Kidney Research UK Professor David Kerr Clinician Scientist

Michael Hill

Laboratory Scientific Director

Robert Hills

Professor of Medical Statistics

Lisa Holland

Researcher, Vascular Overviews Group

Michael Holmes

Associate Professor

Jemma Hopewell

Associate Professor & Senior Scientist in Genetic Epidemiology and Clinical ...

Christiana Kartsonaki

Senior Statistician, CTSU

Carol Knott

Head of Monitoring and Nurse Training

Om Kurmi

Senior Scientist in Respiratory Epidemiology, CTSU

Ben Lacey

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Martin Landray

Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology; Deputy Director, Big Data Institute

Michael Lay

Head of Project Information Science

Sarah Lewington

Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, Director of Graduate Studies ...

Zulian Liu

Senior Systematic Reviewer

Liz MacKinnon

Senior Research Assistant

Marion Mafham

Clinical Research Fellow, CTSU

Gareth McClean

Quality Manager of the NDPH Wolfson Laboratories

Paul McGale

Medical Statistician

Iona Millwood

Senior Epidemiologist; University Research Lecturer

Hongchao Pan

Senior Research Fellow, CTSU

Sarah Parish

Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

Richard Peto

Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Co-Director, CTSU

David Preiss

Associate Professor

Martin Radley

Technical and Computing Manager and Deputy Director of the NDPH Wolfson ...

Christina Reith

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Sasha Shepperd

Professor of Health Services Research

Enti Spata

Medical Statistician, Vascular Overviews Group, DPhil student

Tim Sprosen

Associate Professor & Head of Regulation & Knowledge Transfer

Natalie Staplin

MRC PHRU Senior Statistician

Carolyn Taylor

Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant Oncologist

Robin Walters

Senior Scientist

Kate Wilson

Researcher, Vascular Overviews Group

Jane Wintour

Laboratory Manager of the NDPH Wolfson Laboratories

Ling Yang

Senior Epidemiologist; University Research Lecturer

Alan Young

Director of Information Science

Usama Ali

DPhil Student

Mei Sum Chan

DPhil Student

Peter KaHung Chan

DPhil Student

Fiona MacLean

DPhil Student

Gurdeep Mannu

Clinical Research Fellow in Cancer Surgery

Diego Aguilar Ramirez

DPhil Student