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Treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastoma in the elderly: a network meta-analysis

Journal article

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OUP accepted manuscript

Journal article

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Haemodialysis, blood pressure and risk: at the limit of non-randomized evidence

Journal article

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Genetically Elevated LDL Associates with Lower Risk of Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Journal article

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A ray of hope in a dire situation: Radiotherapy for progression after chimeric antigen receptor T‐cell therapy

Journal article

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Identification of type 2 diabetes loci in 433,540 East Asian individuals

Journal article

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Air pollution and health


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Cooking fuels and risk of all-cause and cardiopulmonary mortality in urban China: a prospective cohort study.

Journal article

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Molecular MRD status and outcome after transplantation in NPM1-mutated AML.

Journal article

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Using human genetics to guide the repurposing of medicines.

Journal article

Bovijn J. et al, (2020), Int J Epidemiol

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