Meta analyses of observational studies

Small prospective case-control studies, involving just a few hundred patients with the outcome of interest, may suffice to identify a risk factor, but (due to their inherent statistical uncertainties) do not generally suffice to assess the age-specific quantitative importance of such factors or any "interactions" with other risk factors. So, for example, CTSU established the Prospective Studies Collaboration collaborative meta-analysis of data on over one million individuals in prospective observational studies of blood pressure and cholesterol conducted throughout the world to provide reliable and unbiased estimates of the age-specific relevance of those risk factors, as well as of measures of adiposity and of diabetes mellitus, to particular causes of death.

CTSU has also established a meta-analysis of case-control studies of residential radon in order to improve our understanding of the relationship between exposure to radon in homes and the risk of lung cancer.

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