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Louisa Gnatiuc Friedrichs


Senior Epidemiologist

Louisa's work focuses on the effects of adiposity, diabetes and hypertension on premature cardiometabolic mortality in the Mexico City Prospective Study, the Prospective Studies Collaboration and the UK Biobank.

Louisa is a member of the International Advisory Board for Lancet Global Health and a Nucleus Member of the European Society for Preventive Cardiology. Her primary interests include conventional, novel and genetic determinants of vasculo-metabolic risk factors and disease models, translation of research findings into public health policy, and teaching.

Louisa also has a keen interest in under-studied populations from countries where the burden of vasculo-metabolic risk is increasing, and collaboration with multi-national research programs, including 40 world-wide sites from the BOLD study.

She has expertise in the design, conduct and analysis of large multi-centric surveys, cohort studies, biobanks, and follow-up through surveillance and vital registries. With experience in acute medicine, epidemiology and public health in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, Louisa is passionate about improving health at population level. Previous roles involves advisory for the Department of Health and Pharma.

Louisa was trained in epidemiology and population health at the University of Oxford and in public health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, she co-ordinated British, European and Global epidemiological studies with Imperial College London and the Medical Research Council

Outside work, she likes arts, photography and world cuisines.

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