Louisa Gnatiuc


Senior Epidemiologist

With experience in acute medicine, epidemiology and public health in Europe and Africa, Louisa is passionate about improving health at population level. After graduating with an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, she completed courses in epidemiology with Harvard and Johns Hopkins, and co-ordinated British, European and Global studies of chronic lung disease and HIV epidemiology with Imperial College London and the Medical Research Council. She has extensive experience with the design, conduct, and analysis of survey and cohort studies in high and low income populations, follow-up through disease and vital status registries, advisory for the Department of Health and Pharma, and as a reviewer for scientific journals.

Current work focuses on the effects of adiposity, diabetes and burden of hypertension on premature mortality in the Mexico City Prospective Study and the Prospective Studies Collaboration. Interests include novel vasculo-metabolic risk factors and disease models, the dynamics of major, yet preventable, determinants for premature mortality, standardisation of research instruments and protocols for large epidemiological studies of diverse populations, translation of research findings into public health policy, and teaching.

Outside work, she likes arts, photography and world cuisines.


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