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Alex Baxter

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Graham Beake

Data Analyst and DPhil Student

Laura Bramley

Senior Data Analyst

Patrick Coakes

Laboratory Assistant

Judith Cole

Systematic Reviewer

Rejive Dayanandan

Senior Clinical Trial Manager

Anthony El Houkayem

Clinical Trial Administrator

Amy Flaxman

Senior Research Facilitator

Jo Holliday

Health Data Group Lead

Violetta Howard

Trial Master File Assistant

Jenny Ingell

Trials Training Officer

Olimpia Lamberti

Research Assistant

Janet Maccora

Senior Epidemiologist

Louise Messinger

Automated Chemistry Laboratory Manager

Paul Miller

Information Specialist

Meera Mistry

CTSU Lead Monitor/CCO Head of Monitoring

Stewart Moffat

Senior Laboratory Manager

Mariko Nakahara

Research Assistant

Michelle Nunn

Senior Study Administrator

Sajda Perveen

Clinical Trial Monitor

Jake Probert

Medical Statistician and DPhil Student

Claire Shenton

Quality Manager

Will Stevens

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Rachel Wade

Senior Statistician

Karl Wallendszus

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Kuangyi Zhang

Statistical programming training fellow