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Vichithranie Madurasinghe

Vichithranie Madurasinghe

Vichithranie Madurasinghe


Medical Statistician & Course Tutor

Vichithranie is a medical statistician, and the course tutor on the MSc in Clinical Trials. She has been involved in design and analysis of range of studies including clinical trials, observational studies, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, studies using routinely collected data and methodological research. In particular, Vichithranie is part of the research team that assesses the feasibility of embedded study methodology for testing recruitment strategies for clinical trials and developed the reporting guidelines for embedded studies.

She completed her master’s degree in Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester, UK in 2009, and worked in academia and the National Health Service before joining the Clinical Trials Service Unit in 2020. Her research interests are developing methods for design, delivery and analysis of clinical trials and observational studies in health research.

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