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dr rebecca shakir

dr rebecca shakir

Research groups

Rebecca Shakir


Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Clinical Oncology SpR and DPhil Student

Rebecca Shakir is a Clinical Oncology Registrar, and Clinical Research Fellow. She graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2009, and has worked in the Oxford region since then. She gained Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists in 2018.

Rebecca joined CTSU in January 2019 to undertake a dedicated period of research within Professor Sarah Darby’s group under the supervision of Dr David Cutter, Dr Gurdeep Mannu, Dr George Ntentas and Dr Johanna Rankin Ramroth. Her research is focused on determining the benefits and risks of radiotherapy used after chemotherapy for lymphoma, and formulating a tool which can be used to predict these for an individual patient.

Rebecca is funded by an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.