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Mohsen Mazidi

BSc, MSc, PhD, RSS

Genetic Epidemiologist

Mohsen works with the China Kadoorie Biobank to investigate translational applications of human multi-OMICs information to elucidate the aetiology of disease and help guide drug development in areas of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by applying human genetics (eg through Mendelian randomisation) together with machine learning and advanced epidemiological techniques (personalised medicine).  

He undertook a BSc and MSc degree in Nutrition Science. During Mohsen's PhD in Nutrition Epidemiology, he examined large national prospective studies and nutritional records within the context of NCDs and related features at the Academy of Science.

Alongside his PhD training, Mohsen investigated the role of modifiable risk factors on risk of NCD mortality. He discovered my passion for the numbers around biology, which led me to focus on personalised medicine.

Mohsen then progressed to postdoctoral level and moved to Sweden, where he was trained in applying advanced epidemiological techniques to quantify the role of multi-OMICs and their mediator link between dietary intakes and disease pre-conditions.

Before joining Oxford University, Mohsen was appointed as a researcher at King's College London, Twins group, as well as having the privilege of working with the unique company, which funds large trials with the hope of progressing personalised medicine/nutrition.

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