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Luisa Fernández Chirino


DPhil student

I am a DPhil student currently funded by both St Cross College and NDPH. My DPhil project is focused on finding and mapping the genetic architecture of chronic kidney disease specifically in the Mexican population using data from the Mexico City Prospective Study. I started my DPhil in October, 2023. My current supervisors are Diego Aguilar-Ramírez, Jason Torres, Natalie Staplin, and Will Herrington. 

In 2023, I graduated from my Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). My dissertation covered a comprehensive methodology on statistically correct approaches when carrying out causal inference on transversal data, using the relationship between adipose tissue distribution and the endocrine activity of visceral adipose tissue to predict cardiovascular aging. I obtained my undergraduate Pharmaceutical Biological Chemistry degree from UNAM in 2021, I graduated with a publication entitled 'Comprehensive evaluation of the impact of sociodemographic inequalities on adverse outcomes and excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico City', now published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.