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Ling Yang


Senior Epidemiologist

  • Clinical Trial Service Unit

Ling Yang qualified in Medicine at South-Eastern University, China, in 1995, then gained her MSc in Bio-statistics in 1998 at the same university, and her PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Tampere in Finland in 2005. Before moving to the University of Oxford in 2007, she worked at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CAMS) and Ministry of Health in Beijing (China), WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon (IARC/WHO, France) and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden). She is a Senior Epidemiologist at CTSU, University of Oxford, and also leads the Long-term Follow-up Working Group for the China Kadoorie Biobank study. Her main research focuses on women’s reproductive health, environmental causes of chronic diseases, especially cancer, based on big cohort studies, and evidence-based medicine using national survey data to provide strategies for chronic disease prevention and control in developing countries.