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Dr Janet Maccora

Dr Janet Maccora

Janet Maccora

MA, MSc, PhD

Senior Epidemiologist

Janet Maccora is a senior epidemiologist working on the UK Biobank study, where her role is to contribute knowledge and experience in epidemiological methods to study enhancements, particularly in relation to the collection of data related to ageing and later life cognition. 

Janet’s research interests lie in factors impacting the lives of older people and using user-centred design approaches to collect best quality data.

Janet’s professional roles have included conducting social research for a non-government organisation for older Australians, contributing to the government’s COVID-19 response in Australia, and working for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare using administrative data to investigate health and service use outcomes for older people, including those living with dementia.

She holds a GradDip in Computing, an MA in Applied Linguistics, and an MSc (Epidemiology) from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Her PhD thesis interrogated the role of education as a risk factor for dementia. 

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