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Dr Doreen Zhu

Dr Doreen Zhu

Research groups

Doreen Zhu


Academic Clinical Lecturer

Doreen is an academic clinical lecturer based in the Renal Studies Group at the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU) and in the Oxford Kidney Unit at Oxford University Hospitals.

She studied pre-clinical medicine at the University of Cambridge and clinical medicine at the University in Oxford before commencing clinical training in the Wessex deanery.

In August 2016, she started specialty training in Renal and General Internal Medicine in the Thames Valley Deanery before she was appointed as a clinical research fellow in 2018 for three years.

During this time, she completed a MD exploring the associations of blood pressure with kidney outcomes in the Mexico City Prospective Study and worked on the EMPA-KIDNEY trial, which tested whether empagliflozin prevents worsening of kidney disease or deaths from heart disease in people with chronic kidney disease.

For her postdoctoral research, she hopes to study the associations of genetically-predicted risk factors with kidney outcomes, explore metabolomic and proteomic risk factors for kidney disease, and to develop her knowledge and experience of clinical trials, testing new treatments aimed at managing and reducing the progression of chronic kidney disease. 

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