Dr Alan Young

Dr Alan Young

Alan Young

Director of Information Science

  • MRC PHRU Joint Director of Computing

Alan’s role as Director of Information Science encompasses both strategic oversight of IT across the unit and specific responsibility for the DBA, IT support and Core Programming teams. These teams handle systems management and integration, remote data acquisition, laboratory automation, randomization services, hardware and infrastructure support, database management and the evaluation/introduction of new technologies.

Alan is also the Systems Architect for the UK Biobank project, designing and building (with his team) much of the clinical and data handling systems that underpin it.

Prior to joining CTSU in 1994, Alan was originally a mathematician gaining a Prize 1st at Wadham College (1983-86) then a University Junior Mathematical Prize while at St.Cross College.  His doctoral thesis, and subsequent postdoctoral work for the UK Department of the Environment, centred on computer modelling of complex physical and biological ecosystems.  Following this, he worked as a mathematical geneticist for 3 years in what became the WTCHG, developing a variety of analysis programs. In parallel, Alan was for 5 years a junior fellow at University College, teaching mathematics to students at all levels, and spent 15 years as a martial arts instructor.

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