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cumulative graphIn the first large, population-based study of women with early invasive breast cancer in England, we showed that prognosis for women with early invasive breast cancer has improved substantially since the 1990s. We provide estimates of breast cancer mortality for individual patients treated recently, for use in the clinic today.

Taylor C, McGale P, Probert J, Broggio J, Charman J, Darby SC, Kerr A.J ,Whelan T, Cutter DJ, Mannu G, Dodwell D. Breast cancer mortality in 500 000 women with early invasive breast cancer diagnosed in England, 1993-2015: population based observational cohort study BMJ 2023;381:e074684

The paper was published alongside an editorial showcasing the roles of our patient representatives.

The study was covered in major national news outlets including the Telegraph, Times and Guardian. Team members and patient representatives were interviewed on television channels and radio stations, for example the BBC news channel. Read our news item about this paper.  


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