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Body-mass index, blood pressure, and cause-specific mortality in India: a prospective cohort study of 500 810 adults.

Journal article

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Impact of diabetes duration and glycoslyated haemoglobin on 14-year cause-specific mortality among 150,000 Mexican adults

Journal article

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Long-term outcomes for neoadjuvant versus adjuvant chemotherapy in early breast cancer: meta-analysis of individual patient data from ten randomised trials

Journal article

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Association of CETP Gene Variants With Risk for Vascular and Nonvascular Diseases Among Chinese Adults

Journal article

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Association of Physical Activity With Risk of Major Cardiovascular Diseases in Chinese Men and Women.

Journal article

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20-Year Risks of Breast-Cancer Recurrence after Stopping Endocrine Therapy at 5 Years

Journal article

Pan H. et al, (2017), New England Journal of Medicine, 377, 1836 - 1846

A simple clinical score identifies stroke risk in medically treated asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis

Conference paper

Halliday A. et al, (2017), INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STROKE, 12, 12 - 12

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