A highly significant association is noted between the frequency of diagnostic radiological examinations and the relative level of funding in the English Regional Health Authorities as calculated by the Resource Allocation Working Party in 1977 (DHSS, 1976). It is argued that this supports the recommendations of the Resource Allocation Working Party, and their suggestion that Standardized Mortality Ratios can be used as a proxy measure for morbidity. The finding implies that the level of diagnostic radiology is likely to rise if more funds become available, and this conclusion is supported by consideration of the level of diagnostic radiology in other industrialized countries. The correlation with level of funding is also investigated for a number of other indicators of hospital use. Strong associations exist for some usage indicators for out-patients, but not for in-patients.


Journal article


Health Trends

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73 - 75


Catchment Area (Health), Health Resources, Health Services Needs and Demand, Radiography, State Medicine, United Kingdom