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The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative reflects on 10 years of working to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. This article highlights many of the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative's accomplishments and offers examples of the impact that the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative has had on the clinical trials enterprise. After conducting more than 25 projects and issuing recommendations for specific strategies to improve the design and execution of clinical trials, some common themes and lessons learned have emerged. Lessons include the importance of engaging many stakeholders, advanced planning to address critical issues, discontinuation of non-value added practices, and new opportunities presented by technology. Through its work, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative has also derived some operational best practices for conducting collaborative, multi-stakeholder projects covering project selection, project team dynamics and execution, and multi-stakeholder meetings and team discussions. Through these initiatives, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative has helped move the needle toward needed change in the clinical trials enterprise that has directly impacted stakeholders and patients alike.

Original publication




Journal article


Clin Trials

Publication Date





5 - 12


Clinical Trials as Topic, Cooperative Behavior, Data Accuracy, Humans, Patient Participation, Patient Safety, Patient Selection, Quality Improvement, United States, United States Food and Drug Administration