A set of future weather data derived from UK Climate Projections 2009 is used to assess the risk of overheating in the design of a sustainable hospital in the UK under, current, and future climate. Modelling results of indoor operative/ail' temperature are compared with three distinct overheating metrics including the Department of Health's Technical Memorandum 03-01, CIBSE Guide A and BS EN 15251 Adaptive Thermal Comfort Standard. To tackle future overheating of the building spaces, eighteen individual passive design measures (covering low-energy ventilation, shading and cooling) are tested in IES ApacheSim and the most effective measures are combined as adaptation packages for further testing. This work has developed a replicable methodological approach for adapting new buildings against a future warming climate. Copyright © 2011 by IPAC'11/EPS-AG.


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2503 - 2510