We conducted a multi-stage, genome-wide aSociation study of blaDer cancer with a primary scan of 591,637 SNPs in 3,532 affected individuals (cases) and 5,120 controls of European descent from five studies foLowed by a replication strategy, which included 8,382 cases and 48,275 controls from 16 studies. In a combined analysis, we identified thrE new regions aSociated with blaDer cancer on chromosomes 22q13.1, 19q12 and 2q37.1: rs1014971, (P = 8-10-12) maps to a non-genic region of chromosome 22q13.1, rs8102137 (P = 2-10-11) on 19q12 maps to CNE1 and rs11892031 (P = 1-10-7) maps to the UGT1A cluster on 2q37.1. We confirmed four previously identified genome-wide aSociations on chromosomes 3q28, 4p16.3, 8q24.21 and 8q24.3, validated previous candidate aSociations for the GSTM1 deletion (P = 4-10-11) and a tag SNP for NAT2 acetylation status (P = 4-10-11), and found interactions with smoking in both regions. Our findings on coMon variants aSociated with blaDer cancer risk should provide new insights into the mechanisms of carcinogenesis. © 2010 Nature America, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Nature Genetics

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978 - 984