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Our team


David Preiss

Associate Professor David Preiss

University of Oxford

Jennifer Logue_2.jpg

Dr Jennifer Logue

University of Lancaster

Jane Armitage

Professor Jane Armitage

University of Oxford


John Olson.jpg

Dr John Olson

University of Aberdeen

Graham Leese

Dr Graham Leese

University of Dundee

Graham Scotland

Dr Graham Scotland

University of Aberdeen

Professor Helen MColhoun

Prof Helen Colhoun

University of Edinburgh

Naveed Sattar

Prof Naveed Sattar

University of Glasgow

Robert Lindsay.jpg

Dr Robert Lindsay

University of Glasgow


Dr Gemma Currie

University of Glasgow

Emily Sammons.jpg

Dr Emily Sammons

University of Oxford



Photograph of Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor

University of Oxford

Diann Taggart

Diann Taggart

University of Glasgow

Jon Emberson

Dr Jonathan Emberson

University of Oxford

Admin Team

Trial Administrator


Sandra Pickworth, Monique Willett, Pat Achiri (late), Susan Fathers


Kate Sawyer

University of Oxford