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Participant panel

All of our research depends upon the support and participation of the public. For many years we have tried to discuss our research with our participants and the public and this has contributed to the success of many of our large-trials and population cohorts. For example, dialogue with the public and our own research has shown that the public are happy with the appropriate safeguards for researchers to have access to health records to invite them to take part in research. This is important because without this public support large-scale research, such as UK Biobank (which sent letters of invitation to over 9 million people) would not be feasible.

The CTSU Participant Panel was established in 2013 and meets regularly to provide advice and guidance on our research from the initial idea for a future study through to using our research findings to influence policy to improve health. The membership includes current and past participants in our research and a lay member of a Research Ethics Committee. If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the panel or might be interested in becoming a member, please contact

Our team

  • Tim Sprosen
    Tim Sprosen

    Associate Professor & Head of Regulation & Knowledge Transfer