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GPT is the GastroProtectant Trialists' Collaboration.  Gastroprotectant medications are widely used for the prevention and treatment of peptic ulceration and its potentially fatal complications. A more detailed understanding of gastroprotectants’ effects would allow clinicians to best utilise these agents, both in the active treatment of peptic ulceration, and, equally importantly, in the prevention of ulceration in extensively used long term analgesic (NSAID/coxib) and cardiovascular (aspirin/antithrombotic) treatment.

However, individual randomised trials have not been able to explore these issues reliably, and previous meta-analyses have not explored all of the available agents. We are therefore working on a meta-analysis of all such published trials in order to reliably assess the available evidence on these agents.

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We have collated data from 1488 trials and preliminary analyses are underway.

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