UKALL 2003 (Version 7, August 2009)


N.B. Archived versions of UK ALL2003 documents can still be accessed.

Results June 2012

UKALL2003 closed on 30 June 2011

Recruitment to UKALL 2003 closed on 30/06/2011 although the trial will remain open to follow-up for 3 years from that date. The amendment includes changes to the IMP status of 10 mg 6 MP tablets and MTX suspension as described in the application form.

December 2010

  • UKALL 2003 extended to June 2011

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April 2010

  • UKALL 2003 extended until 30 November 2010

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  • Revised recommendation for transplantation in patients with iAMP21

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Note: the web page contains some very useful information for parents about the trial. Select "children's" or "children's - leukaemia and lymphoma" from the drop down menu on the search engine.


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